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10 tips for mafi partners during the Corona crisis
Viele unserer Kunden weltweit sind derzeit gezwungen Ihre Arbeit zu reduzieren oder sogar vollkommen zu unterbrechen. Wir möchten Ihnen 10 Ideen vorschlagen, wie diese Zeit genützt werden kann.
1. Process all inquiries
You will always receive inquiries from end customers via a wide variety of channels. However, you may not even get an answer from some end customers when trying to contact them. Work on this actively now and log which requests are still active and which are not. You can manage mafi requests directly in your account.
2. Present and advise properly via new media
When the surface and the feeling is such an important reason to buy, how do you present a mafi natural wood floor to potential customers without engaging in personal contact? The answer is: with samples.

We support our sales partners with hand samples to end customers. In addition, we are offering a new presentation about mafi and our products, which was created and optimized for telephone or screen sharing. 
mafi presentation mobile version
3. Update your displays
Who likes remodelling during day-to-day business?

Now is the opportunity to update your presentation displays in order to optimally recommence normal operations in the time following the Corona crisis.

mafi is constantly offering new tools and POS articles to support sales in showrooms. We also offer free showroom planning and advice for our partners - even in these difficult times.
Free showroom design assistance
4. Review your samples
Annoying but necessary - are all your samples still up to date? Are there any damages or signs of wear that might make a sale difficult?

Soaping or lightly oiling the plates often helps. It also makes sense to update the range to the current mafi portfolio.

With the ash, chevron planks and the deep white natured Douglas fir, there are new products on the market that have triggered very positive feedback from end customers.
5. Ask satisfied customers about positive Google ratings
It's an aspect of the business that also makes sense, but usually there's no time for it. Have a look at your customers from the past year and ask those that you knew were satisfied customers to post a good rating. Reviews of your Google My Business listing have a dual function.

+ Trust and recommendation

Recommendations are one of the most important factors for acquiring new customers. Positive reviews are the digital version of hereof. You also reduce uncertainty among end customers - when you're abroad, do you look to eat in a one-star restaurant or rather in a restaurant with 50 5-star ratings?

+ Position in Google

A variety of positive ratings also strengthens your findability for search queries in Google from your region. Reviews are one of the few Google factors that consider a company's quality.
6. Work on your marketing
How do you present yourself to your customers apart from personal contact? Check and update your flyers, website and advertisements. Our in-house graphics department will be happy to assist you.

The picture download tool planning table is also available to you without restriction. Simply log in with your account at, navigate to the desired product and download the picture.
7. Work on new solutions with fewer social contacts
First of all, of course, the instructions of the authorities must be followed in full. At the moment, many countries are reacting to the crisis in varying ways. 


One option that has proven itself for floor laying in some countries is one trade per construction site with separate arrival of the team and division on site. In detail, this means that either only the floor layer team or, for example, the tile layer may be on the construction site. Within the team, distance is important and maximum hygiene measures are to be carried out. Please check whether this is possible and above all allowed in your country.

Advice and offers

Another useful activity is collecting business opportunities through advice based on plans or offers. Sampling of end customers is another very central point in order to remain active on the market without personal contacts in the showroom or on site.
8. Prepare yourself for the time after Corona
Things will get better again. Prepare to engage with customers with full energy following this difficult time. Develop lists of potential customers, organize processes with which you can quickly and quickly process a large number of inquiries.

In order to do this, create templates with friendly initial information that can bridge the time until actual processing occurs.
9. Inform yourself about government grants
There are many prognoses, the only thing that seems certain is that the Coronavirus will be with us for a long time to come. Many countries already offer subsidies, compensation payments or bridging loans. Models such as short-time work are being improved and simplified.

Ask your official representatves and government about your options.
10. Please stay healthy!
This sounds obvious, but is the most important thing of all in the coming weeks.

Introduce hygiene standards, increase the distance between each other and please buy more soap than toilet paper!
Kindest regards,
your mafi natural wood floors team
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