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mafi Beech Vulcano Fresco Punto


mafi Natural Wooden Floors are very well suited to wet areas thanks to having their surface naturally finished with oil. Of course, there are some differences from wood type to wood type.

However, the real effect the Fresco floors have is experienced when walked on barefoot. The machined 3D surface acts like a massage on the soles of often stressed feet.

All mafi thermally treated floors are especially ideal for wet areas. The normal swelling and shrinkage behaviour of the wood is almost completely prevented thanks to the special but perfectly natural heat treatment. The resistance to water is also increased.

This thermal treatment is of course also applied to all the Fresco Edition floors. These extremely warm, natural wooden floors captivate even further through a unique design which also emphasises the 3D effect.

Whether it's jumping out of the bath or stepping out of the shower – every bathroom is given its own individual sensory touch via the mafi Fresco Edition.

Note: Both wall and ceiling panels can of course be outfitted with the mafi Fresco boards.

The mafi Beech Vulcano Fresco Punto captivates thanks to a dense spot design. On larger surfaces, the floor appears quite homogeneous and yet understated. This is also why the Punto, as the character of the Fresco collection, is often chosen for the entire living area - including that by architect Maurizio Oberfeld in his own home.


Villa Oberfeld

Los Angeles
Stati Uniti