30.04.2015Project Reports

About Hunters and Collectors - new mafi Card Box

The exciting thing about the mafi Card Box is, on the one hand the quick overview and on the other hand the possibility to sort out one’s personal highlights. 

It can also become a challenge to set up one’s own four walls. Innumerable consultation appointments and an almost infinite product choice. A definite decision is thus often difficult. On the other side, customers also expect a certain size of portfolio in order to be able to realise their individual ideas. 

From our side, the challenge is to reduce the complexity and to offer clear solutions without reducing the customer’s choices. For this, an idea was already born years ago and is just experiencing a renewed "Makeover": the mafi Card Box. 

Inside there are a choice of the most popular products paired with attractive designs and product novelties. Completely new are the coloured slide-in cards, all about mafi and the individual products. 

Why individual cards? 

It has been seen at exhibitions that simply spreading out the cards already triggers a reflex with the customers. The apparently unsorted cards generate interest and one’s personal favourites are quickly fished out. The meaning and purpose of the Card Box is a broad distribution to which the small format cards are ideally suited. The collection in the box not only gives the customer a quick overview of the portfolio, but also means they do not have to take a heavy catalogue home. 

In brief: we like our Card Box and look forward to our latest edition bursting out onto the next great world trip.