29.09.2014Project Reports

Award for sustainable mafi packaging!

Interseroh - a leading provider of sustainable system services related to the lifecycle management of products, materials and logistics, have awarded mafi the "Certificate Resources SAVED 2013". 

"It's nice to see that even details like the right choice of packaging material are appreciated. We try to manage resources efficiently and responsibly in all areas of production. This is certainly not always the easiest way, but definitely the right way. The product development process is also becoming more important for the customer.”

The latest award for mafi from Interseroh draws attention to a specific but often sadly neglected area of production - packaging. Our natural wooden floors are packed according to their strength in packages of four or six planks. The main element consists of a cardboard sleeve. For protection of the material, the package is then sealed with a foil. Both components are consistently recycled. 

24,037 kg, 57 Apple trees, 3,222 kg Greenhouse gases 

The calculations done by Interseroh thus show a resource saving of 24,037 kg for the year 2013. Roughly speaking, this value translates into the weight of 57 Apple trees. The economic and responsible use of resources, deliver another effect too. In addition to the resources themselves, the energy required in manufacturing and processing and their associated waste products are also affected. Therefore, mafi also saved on 3,222 kg of greenhouse gases.

Trees as Climate Control machines

The same applies to the natural wooden floor production itself. The use of natural wood without varnish or other petroleum products reduces the expenditure of energy to a minimum. Additionally, a recyclable product is thus produced, whereas lacquered floors are considered hazardous waste. 
Trees themselves are the purest climate control machines. An average tree processes approximately one ton of CO² into harmless oxygen and binds in 50m² harmless carbons for a lifetime. 

Sustainability with multiple awards 

The whole mafi company is geared to work as environmentally friendly as possible. These efforts have already won several awards in the past. The entire production process is relatively broad and therefore, distributed throughout the day and geared to avoid large energy peaks. The materials used are all from natural origins and do not represent risks to the environment. Even the Waste Management is dedicated to resource efficiency. The sawdust and off-cuts serve as both the heating of the whole company and on the other hand, for the production of wood pellets. Unavoidable waste, such as packaging material, is recycled and this brought mafi a CO2-savers certificate in 2009. The durability of mafi natural wooden floors and the associated sustainability complete the ambitious project of mafi’s holistic natural, corporate philosophy. It is this unique corporate philosophy which was awarded the Energy Globe Award in 2011.