15.12.2014Project Reports

Boon the Shop opens on 650 m2 of Oak Clear in Seoul.

Seoul, South Korea: 650 m2 of Oak Clear with an imposing width of 300 mm, are waiting to prove itself as the project floor. 

"Peter Marino is an American architect and a designer from New York who repeatedly already trusts in mafi natural wooden floors."

The Oak Clear is one of the noblest natural wooden floors in the mafi collection. As the name already suggests, only a minimum amount of knots are permitted. The fixed width of 300 mm for each plank makes it even more exclusive. Due to these specific criteria, the sourcing of the right material is already quite demanding. When an area of 650 m2 is then required, this becomes a project that we are simply very proud of. 

Already the outside seems more of a museum than a fashion store. Inside, high-quality men's fashion can be found. The choice of the 300 mm width in mixed lengths of 1800/2000/2400 mm proves to be quite thrilling. The width of the planks make the floor space and thus the room itself appear larger, whereas the different lengths provide the planks a look full of character. A large area of the shop is used for presentation due to the product variety of Boon the Shop. The mixture of the wide planks with different lengths works contrary to the potentially compact appearance of the store. 

Not for nothing was this project planned and implemented by star architect Peter Marino. The surface of the mafi planks was oiled extremely white. The planks are twice white oiled in order to obtain a higher amount of white pigments on the surface. Thus, the yellowish hue of the Oak is reduced to a minimum and the colour atmosphere brightened considerably. 

Boon the Shop is a top address in the South Korean Fashion scene. Since its foundation in 2000, the growth curve has been going up steeply. This Korean clothes brand has specialised in the premium male segment of the 50 million inhabitant country. The concept mixes commercial brands with young, relatively unknown designers. The business confronts replica goods self-confidently: the originals will always succeed in the long run. 

Boon The shop
82-3 Cheongdam-dong, 
Gangnam gu, Seoul,
Republic of Korea

The project was supervised by our mafi partner Mr. Samuel Lee, Armstrong AMK Company Seoul, South Korea.

Boon the Shop

82-3 Cheongdam-dong
Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Corea del Sud