30.01.2017Project Reports

Burgerista Salzburg by Matteo Thun

How does one recognise a good Burger restaurant? It doesn’t have a deep freezer! And from the floor. Both are true in the Burgerista in Salzburg. 

Passion for naturalness, qulity and transparency are the ingredients for both: flooring and burgers at Burgerista Salzurg. 

This Burger franchise company from Frankfurt has fresh and regionality written on their flag. The burger meat is processed daily in-house, the fries are put directly into high-quality vegetable oil and guests dine on top of one of the most robust floor coverings in the world. 

The mafi end grain parquet, Domino Larch Vulcano, consists of solid wooden blocks, which are individually glued on a parquet net. Due to the nature of the blocks, the floor has a very high pressure load tolerance and is ideal for high traffic areas. Unlike many other end grain wood floors on the market, the mafi Domino can also be installed on underfloor heating systems. 

In addition to the technical properties, the Domino floors bring a natural colour play into modern interior concepts. The year rings make each square unique. Thanks to the chemical free, Vulcano thermo treatment the blocks contain almost no moisture, which is critical for the swelling and shrinkage behaviour. In addition, the basic tone of the Larch is changed away from a yellowish colour to warm and varied shades of brown. 

The Italian star architect Matteo Thun is responsible for the unusual and striking design of the shop. The general planning and project management were done by the Archionic ZT GmbH from Styria in Austria. 






Hanuschplatz 3
5020 Salzburg