26.09.2016Project Reports

Custom Made OAK Wild Vulcano Part 1

Reduced interior design styles need a warm base of well-being. Natural wood floors offer the optimal solution. 

The OAK Wild is a character floor and enjoys increasing popularity, especially in projects of the Alpine style. The OAK Wild Vulcano, as the thermo-treated variant, was used in this project as a custom made design. Thanks to the order-specific production by mafi, there are many customisation options for the customer. In this case, a dark brown tone for the OAK Wild was to be created. 

The interplay of strong dark cracks and the chocolate colour-play of the Vulcano planks create a modern, but still warm base mood. It is exactly this property which makes mafi natural wood floors so special. They are genuine and authentic. Thus, the planks generate a sense of well-being, as only real wood can. This factor is essential in reduced interior design concepts. 

Large white furniture fronts and the matching wall colour allow this holiday apartment to shine in bright light. Created as per this style, the mafi floor with its white oiled surface ensures a contrast but without a hard colour transition. Individual colour accents in red round off the overall picture. The staircase also represents a mafi custom made design and interplays with the narrow stairway through offset blocks. 

The interior design trend towards a reduced material mix can also be accounted for. The floor, staircase and table tops are all made from the same material. mafi offers even more possibilities here for individualisation.