04.05.2016Project Reports

Customer Event in Barcelona, Spain with awards of the most beautiful showroom and best project in Spain, in 2015.

Over 30 design-savvy floor experts from all over Spain were given an insight into the benefits of porous surfaces, the stability of a symmetrical 3-layer construction and the reasons why architects worldwide trust mafi. 

"The ability to locally repair floors or to trust in self-regeneration are aspects that completely redefine the product life cycle."

Together with our Spanish partner, Maia Otto we were pleased to greet 10 mafi customers in Barcelona, Spain. The objective of the customer event was thoroughly practical-oriented product training around the topics of surface, stability, installation, cleaning, maintenance and any repairs. 

Oiled, breathable surfaces from mafi

Specifically, the varied benefits of the mafi surface provided for exciting conversations. So, deep dents in the floor were completely removed with the help of an iron. This procedure only shows the accelerated variant of the self-regeneration ability of wood. Due to the porous surface of mafi floors, water and also steam can penetrate into the wood. The wood fibres absorb moisture and thereby increase their volume. Thus, dented areas re-form themselves and dents disappear. This result can be achieved simply by regular care with warm water and the mafi wood floor soap. The soap plays a central role because in this way the wood fibres remain supple and flexible, and therefore break less easily. 

Stain removal made easy

It was also exciting to see the removal of oxidation stains with the help of our mafi brightener, or how many traces of use can be removed simply by cleaning with the mafi wood floor soap

mafi 2015 Project and Showroom of the Year, Spain

At the end of the event, we were able to have a greater focus on our customers and the services of the year 2015. Innovative products also need so-called "Early Adopters", such people that adopt innovations early on and promote them. Our customers in Spain adopt just this kind of role in the innovation process. And thus, it was our common desire to reward these efforts. 

The prizewinning "mafi Showroom of the Year 2015, in Spain" and "the Best Project in Spain 2015 were presented". Together with BYY Parquet mafi now has a very high quality presence in Alicante. The individual adaptation of mafi samples presentation and the interpretation of the mafi C.I. convinced the jury of mafi representatives and Maia Otto. We congratulate BYY Parquet on the "mafi Showroom of the Year 2015, in Spain".

The Best Project 2015 was realised by Mafersa Deco. It consists of a high-quality private object, where we were unfortunately unable to get permission on the part of the builder to make it public. In total, 400 m2 of mafi Nero OAK Vulcano, brushed white oiled were used. Also here, we congratulate the team from Mafersa Deco

Finally, a big thank you to the Maia Otto team for the great organisation and very co-operative partnership. We are already looking forward to the year 2016!