20.04.2015Project Reports

Limited Edition as a business model - Other Criteria in London

…..quite suitably, this business draws on a real Natural Wooden Floor unique piece from the mafi brand: the Domino LARCH Vulcano, brushed and white oiled over altogether 85m². 

mafi Domino floors are not only really robust Natural Wooden Floors. The end-grain wooden blocks were primarily used in workshops in Austria earlier on.

London, or more exactly, Newport Street, SE11 6AJ, is where the Other Criteria Store can be found. The brand works with Limited Editions and sells them online, as well as in the stores in New York and England. Books and "fascinating objects" from around the whole world are part of the portfolio. There are famous co-operations with designers and artists, such as Damien Hirst, from England. 

Installed in the showroom there are altogether 85m² of mafi Domino Larch Vulcano, brushed and white oiled. The design concept backs a clear break between furnishings, wall and ceiling colours, and the floor. As the furniture is brilliantly white, occasionally even shiny, the floor provides an attractive contrast with its colour capacity. Moreover, this reduced approach increases the focus on the products which are colourful in stark contrast to the furnishings. The Other Criteria Store in London is a prime example of intelligent, however primarily sales driven, functional store design. 

Architect Michel Schranz was responsible for the planning and implementation on behalf of Mike Rundell + Associates. Michel Schranz has had his own design studio in London since 2011 and can look back on about 15 years of professional experience. His portfolio stretches from private construction projects, over art exhibitions and galleries, and on to furniture or music installations. Michel Schranz attaches special importance to detailed work and high quality workmanship, drawn from his educational background as a joiner, furniture maker and architectural draughtsman in Switzerland. 

In turn, Mike Rundell can look back on a varied past. His path led from being an Engineer on oil fields in the Middle East, via construction projects in Russia up to a First Class Master’s Degree in Fine Arts at Oxford University. Mike Rundell + Associates stands for unique and personalised concepts in almost all sizes. The permanent dialog with the customer is the highest asset. 


Edizioni d'arte Other Criteria

Newport Street
SE11 6AJ London
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