01.03.2016Project Reports

mafi flooring for volunteer fire brigade

Wood and fire - a partnership that could hardly be more opposite. We all like to think about the warmth and comfort of a crackling fire in an open fireplace, but we also have pictures of house fires in the head. Even we, as a wood processing business are well aware of the dangers of fire. Therefore, mafi supports the regional fire brigades again and again. 

"We are very grateful that there are still so many people who voluntarily fight dangerous fires and as such deliver a large service to society. All the more reason why we are pleased that we are able to make a small contribution to the new main fire station.”

A very unique perspective on the subject of fire comes from the point of view of a fire brigade. Positive thoughts of our most natural material undoubtedly outweigh what is a glimpse behind the doors of the newly built main Fire Station; of the volunteer fire brigade in Neumarkt am Wallersee. In June 2015, after many years of planning and construction, the building was completed and offers everything that is necessary for a modern and efficient service of a volunteer fire department.

A functional flooring with authentic appearance.

With the use of lots of wood, the stark coolness of a functional building has been transformed into an appealing atmosphere, the proverbial basis of which is delivered by our OAK Sand, brushed and white oiled. In the offices, conference and meeting rooms, as well as in the living room of the youth fire service, the harmonious combination of the white oiled Oak wood and sand coloured putty filler provides an environment that perfectly supports a constructive approach to work. The naturally formed knots and cracks in the wood which make our OAK Sand so characteristic, break up the rooms without appearing too dominant. 

Great work by local Architect Team Fally & Partner Architekten ZT

Thought out to the very last detail by the architectural firm Fally & Partner Architekten ZT GmbH in Salzburg, this communal building was under high cost pressure from the outset. As a wood processing business, mafi is proud that we could contribute here to lower costs and also support the fire brigade. At the same time, a high quality and extremely durable natural wood floor was installed, which is a pleasure for all those people who know the downsides of wood and fire.


Stazione centrale dei vigili del fuoco volontari Neumarkt

Schalkham 50
5202 Neumarkt am Wallersee