04.12.2015Project Reports

mafi Tiger Oak CC - You Decide!

The putty filler colours can be chosen at will by our customers. This has resulted in many creative and matched concepts ranging from private homes up to gastronomy. 

The grey putty filler acts as a bridge between the white base colour and the brown tones of the Tiger Oak.

The mafi Tiger OAK captivates not only due to the vivid colours of the planks, but also accentuations from the differing putty colours. In the mafi standard portfolio, you can find the perennial favourite black, white, gold and silver, which when paired with the different oiling results in very exciting and sometimes also subtle designs. 

Custom colours as individualisation of the parquet surface

Today we want to draw your attention to the Tiger OAK CC, whereby the singular of this product appears not to be attached to itself. Because CC stands for custom colour, so colour according to customer requirements, which refers to the expression of the putty colour. The customer thereby has the opportunity to design his own natural wood floor even more individually. Thus, the Tiger OAK CC itself, as well as all CC products from mafi, can be selected with every imaginable putty colour. The only requirement is the corresponding RAL code to identify the colour. 

Infinite Combinations

From this, arise infinite new possibilities in Interior Design. For example in completed projects, furniture colours were used for the putty filler of the floor or in the men's and women's section a well-known clothing brand was used. This offers exciting branding opportunities for both companies and also brands. 

Medical Practice Dr Bernhard Lindner

In our current example, approximately 45m² of Tiger OAK CC were used in Dr Bernhard Lindner’s medical practice. This robust natural wood floor is located in the entrance area and waiting rooms. Simple and especially hygienic cleaning using the mafi Wooden Floor Soap, as well as the high quality of the surface makes the floor ideal for high loads, such as the scraping of chairs. The room concept is kept clear white, where the Tiger OAK gives the room a pleasant base. The grey putty acts as a bridge between the white base colour and the brown tones of the Tiger OAK. The natural oiled surface enhances the naturalness of the colours. 






studio medico

Aignerstr. 48
5020 Salzburg