15.02.2017Project Reports

One floor in the entire house - private residence from Salzburgerland

mafi natural wood floors are installed mainly in single or multi-family homes, even though commercial projects such as restaurants and hotels are steadily increasing. 

Unlike topically related furnishing concepts in such large projects, a natural wood floor for your own four walls must be multi-talented - especially if the floor runs through the entire house.

Kitchen - parquet flooring or tiles?

The natural and open-pored mafi surface finishing enables our customers an uncomplicated use of the parquet floor, regardless of location and load. Often the question arises as to whether wood floors in the kitchen are not too sensitive and in contrast, perhaps tiles would be an easier solution. mafi floors, when sufficiently maintained with mafi wood floor soap, are very resistant and stains can often simply be wiped away from the surface. And even stubborn problem spots can be easily removed with one or the other domestic trick. Tiles are equally resistant with their smooth surface, even though the joints represent a problem during cleaning. Last but not least, the appearance must be mentioned because a visual combination of tiles and parquet is not always easy to achieve in open-plan living / dining areas.

Continuous floor spaces with stairs

In this private residence, around 85m2 of mafi OAK Country Vulcano Medium bushed white oiled was installed. The wood floor runs from the ground floor up the staircase and onto the first floor. This creates a consistent tone throughout the whole house, which is very skilfully combined with various shades of grey and white.
A special eye-catcher is the step-risers combination on the staircase, which are made from the same material as the floor. The fully enclosed staircase looks modern with shadow joints, excels in its practical use and prevents dirt collecting below the steps. The glass separation and the elegant grey side shoring turn the staircase into a work of art.  

The right choice of installation direction

With or against the direction of walking? With the light direction or straight across it? Can you change the installation direction per room? These questions often arise during examination of the plans prior to installation. There isn’t a simple, final rule. This project however clearly shows how you can get it right. The planks are installed in the walking direction throughout the whole house. Even the connecting room from the hall up onto the first floor follows the same direction. Ideally, the installation direction should be chosen uniformly, provided the surfaces allow. If the wood floor surface is interrupted, a change of direction may be necessary. Specifically, the country house planks impress with their imposing dimensions, but these must also be properly used. That’s why we always recommend consulting with one of our partners and specialists, because only in this way can you guarantee optimum performance of the mafi natural wood floor in your own home.



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