17.02.2015Project Reports

Perfumes for Queen Victoria of England

Penhaligon's of London is one of the leading perfume houses in the United Kingdom. The mafi Ash Vulcano dark, brushed and naturally oiled was chosen for the showroom in London's Regent Street. 

"The Ash Vulcano Dark has a clear but simple grain without knots. This hard wood from the Ash tree is ideally suitable for public places."

Penhaligon's is a perfume house based in London. Founded in 1860 by William Henry Penhaligon, a barber from Cornwall, this venerable house became, in the course of time, the Court Barber and Perfume House of Queen Victoria. Nowadays, the enterprise operates, alongside various shops in the UK, locations in metropolises such as Paris, Hong Kong and Singapore, too. 

The design concept of the store is based on noble brown tones with lilac accents. The floor area is bordered by a tile cornice. The fine brown shades of the mafi Ash Vulcano Dark earth the whole room concept and offset the grand wall designs. In this, the clear and straight grain of the Ash also plays a decisive role. 

The floor is ideally suitable for this public place. The oiled and air-dried surface of the mafi floor is easily cleaned with water and mafi wooden floor soap. Moreover, the Ash is a rather hard hardwood which also represents an important aspect in use in public places. 
The open-pored surface of mafi's floors additionally gives off a slight, subliminal wood smell - especially after wiping the floor - which in combination with the smells of Penhaligon's London perfume house is surely an olfactory pleasure.