11.07.2016Project Reports

Project AP92 in Kiev, Ukraine

An apartment for an entire floor...

The project was continuously managed and also installed by the mafi certified partner Listelli from Kiev.

Located right in the centre of Kiev, on one of the top floors of the building you can find a dream apartment with about 720 m² total space. The apartment occupies the entire floor and is surrounded by a spacious balcony on all sides. 

The mafi OAK Clear wide-plank takes up the lion's share of 630 m². All the planks have a length of five metres with a width of 30cm. Such dimensions are extremely stable thanks to the mafi typical, symmetrical three layer structure and thus can be installed on underfloor heating systems. 

The Zasutsky team of Ukrainian architects selected a reduced décor with soft, bright colours. As according to the finishing of the mafi planks, the extreme white oiled variant was specified. "For us it was important visually as far as possible to avoid borders in order to realise an open room concept. The mafi floor with the natural haptic and the large-sized planks was the logical choice for our project," explains the Project Team.

The mafi OAK Clear wide-plank

To create a space to breathe or a sense of vastness - this is how the OAK Clear wide-plank’s effect on a room can probably best be described. Planks with lengths of four or five metres stretch out every room. When cleverly installed, they help psychologically with the walking direction when entering the room and at the same time create depth.

Fixed width vs. variable formats

The widths are inherently variable between two or three different formats, but can also have customised lengths upon customer request. These variable widths hold a certain appeal, as wide planks sometimes only show their full potential when used next to narrow planks. 

Strong statement with Oak Wood

The Oak Clear is characterised above all by being almost completely knot-free. As a result, the grain also appears uniform and strong. The extreme white oiled surface significantly brightens the tone of the Oak, but sustainably emphasises the grain. Thus, the planks are put visually somewhat in the background while still forming the ideal basis for bright, well light room concepts.



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