15.09.2014Project Reports

Run across the water with mafi

Lateral thinking and then simply building water skis from mafi planks - we are really proud to have such a partner in our ranks. That’s what makes work, developing and realising just fun! 

Thanks to the new mafi ski, this year we will probably be able to pack more people into The Pyramid, as the Start is easier due to the larger ski. Instead of a stronger boat motor (the current one has 340hp ...) just wider mafi-Skis, so to say... 

We at mafi always try to inspire our customers, or at least supply the base to create inspiration on, with our floors. The really remarkable thing is those ideas which are thereby put into action. Thus, today can we introduce the first mafi water ski. The project was designed and developed by our partner, Stefan Gmeiner.

The idea was born during a partner training session, in Schneegattern. As with many new insights, ideas came together with personal commitment. Stefan Gmeiner is an avid water sports enthusiast. As part of the training, the high resistance of mafi parquet against water and liquids was intensely evaluated. The result was probably the first water skis worldwide made from mafi natural wooden floors.

The first "water testing" then took place as part of the 2014 Constance Lake Festival. Overall, the festival was attended by 45,000 spectators. The secret highlight of the many diverse attractions was the water-ski show. In addition to the spectacular jumps and figures, we at mafi were of course excited about the ski performance in itself. The result surprised not only us but also probably everyone involved.

“The guys are super happy because the new mafi Ski is somewhat wider and longer than the old one, but with the same weight. This year we had a lot of waves and it was amazing during the dress rehearsal, as a huge wave rolled toward us and everyone in The Pyramid, including me, thought "so that's it now." But thanks to the huge mafi Ski no-one fell.

Correspondingly euphoric were the comments during the test. "How cool are they" / "madness" / "that would never have worked with the old one"

The typical mafi plank is made ​​in a symmetrical three-layer structure. This ensures evenly balanced forces on the wood from all sides – this creates a counter-layer between the top and back layers. Because of this mafi natural wooden floors are ideal for laying on underfloor heating and apparently as water skis.