25.04.2016Project Reports

Scandinavian Design in Oak

For the area of about 78m² the mafi Oak Character, brushed extreme white was selected - fitting to the extremely successful design. 

White oiled Oak has completely debunked the rustic mystique around this wood type.

The surgery of Dr Ulrike Schulz is located in Vienna’s 2nd district and may now call 78m² of mafi Oak Character its own. The décor of the premises can be found most likely in the Scandinavian School of design. This stands for pleasant colours, clear lines and light wood. Coniferous woods are often used in such projects, which have a long tradition in Scandinavia. 

Knots as an authentic feature

In this example however, it was decided on an Oak. The descriptive attributes of this wood are hard, stable and durable when it comes to the processing of parquet. This floor collection is called Oak Character and in this sense stands for a plank structure with in-grown knots. The relevant spots are filled with brown wood putty and remain obvious, although more in the background. The homogeneity of the plank is repeatedly interrupted by the knots which gives authenticity to the entire surface. Therefore, when one is talking about the Oak Character, it is said to be a floor which has at first glance unusual characteristics. 

Light Oak is preferred

A brushed and extreme white oiled option was selected for the surface in this project. Especially in the Scandinavian style, woods such as Spruce or Pine dominate - very beautiful, but only for use as flooring in certain conditions. The extreme white oiled surface takes from the Oak the strong yellow hue and allows it to drift in a significantly lighter direction. The exciting thing here is that by regular care with the corresponding mafi wood floor soap, the floor colour can be modified further in nuances. 

Medical practice Dr Ulrike Schulz

Dr Ulrike Schulz is a specialist in child and adolescent psychiatry and has been operating her own practice since 2015. Children and young people up to the age of 18, as well as their parents or caregivers, can take consultation in times of crisis and development issues. In the context of a comprehensive diagnosis, it is then clarified what treatment is best suited to each individual case.

Contact: www.ulrikeschulz.at


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