14.10.2014Project Reports

Smell - our underestimated guiding sense

Real wood, freshly baked bread and just brewed coffee - smells that immediately make us optimistic, even early in the morning.

Café KUBUS uses over 90 m² of mafi Oak Country, brushed and grey oiled.

"Even in smoking areas, a mafi wooden floor is a true wonder weapon. The open-pored surface binds the cold nicotine smell. By maintaining the floor with water and wooden floor soap, the nicotine particles and thus the smell will be neutralised."

Smell, like no other sense in the human body, affects our perception and our feelings. Recent research by scientist Andreas Keller, of The Rockefeller University in New York, has shown that humans can perceive more than a trillion different scents. However, most of these happen not on a conscious level but sub-consciously. In addition, our language is often insufficient to describe these smells. Of course, the smells from any materials used in a room also play a crucial role in the positive connotation of a room.

Café KUBUS, in the small Austrian town of Kuchl, is therefore focussed on having a harmonious mix of aromas. Immediately upon entering the premises, one’s soul relaxes. The smell of freshly baked breads and finest coffees immediately hit guests and make them want to stay.

An often underestimated effect is also created by the surface of the wooden floor. About 90 m² of mafi Oak Country, brushed and grey oiled were installed in Café KUBUS. The open-pored surface allows the wood to interact with the indoor environment - a pleasant, subliminal wood smell is the result.

Especially in gastronomic ideas, an open-pored, oiled natural wooden floor plays an important part of the room concept. On one hand, the wood supplies the room with pleasant aromas and on the other hand, the whole room climate is improved by regular damp care and the associated, metered delivery of moisture into the air.

Kuchl and thus the Café KUBUS are located just off the A10 just after the Salzburg junction. Drop in for a look, taste and especially smell:

Markt 3
5431 Kuchl
+43 6244 21099

PS: On the Café KUBUS Facebook Fanpage, there are some floor installation images on show.

Caffetteria Kubus

Markt 23
5431 Kuchl