03.03.2015Project Reports

Time to get in shape

130 m2 of Oak Molto Vulcano extend over the excellently modern Mrs. Sporty fitness studio in Linz. 

Here you will see what advantages a natural wooden floor has for a physical fitness room and just how far the usage demands play a role, too. 


"The OAK Molto Vulcano is really lively and robust - a particularly interesting variant for a high load area such as in a fitness studio."

Mrs. Sporty is an innovative franchise physical fitness business which is specialised in a purely female target group. Healthy materials and a harmonious interior concept shape the appearance. 

Variety of natural brown tones

With the choice of the OAK Molto Vulcano, one has consciously decided for a floor which is full of character. The robust Oak planks shine in varying brown tones and seem calming and pleasant, despite the lively grain. Mafi always uses natural colours, which nature dictates to us - also with this product. The planks are darkened via the mafi Vulcano treatment, which is a thermal method with just wind, water and warmth. Here, existing colour variations in the wood are specifically intensified. Thus, 'Insiders' also talk about the "Tiger Oak without distinctive cracks". 

Pleasant wood smell

The open pored and oiled surface, which is air dried, has several advantages which are useful for a fitness studio. The floor gives off a pleasant wood smell, which is especially noticeable after wiping the floor. Additionally, the room climate is considerably improved by a natural wooden floor which is also reflected in more comfortable respiration. 

Retaining Regeneration Capacity

The usage or load topic is of course central for a fitness studio. The Oak is already optimal for high loads. Mafi floors do not have a sealed surface but instead use oil within the wood fibres. Through this, the wood retains a part of its regeneration capacity whereby smaller traces of wear disappear by themselves over time. Moreover, the lively surface appearance of the OAK Molto Vulcano is beneficial. 

Mrs. Sporty Sportclub

Stadlerstrasse 19
4020 Linz