01.12.2014Project Reports

What Wood can – Video

Ever since "Le petit Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, we have known that childlike tinged illustrations often contain answers for an older audience. Under the title "What Wood can", an Austrian heating fuel association published a video in which we again found ourselves in many statements. 

We would like to share this information with you - enjoy.


The issue of sustainability runs through mafi’s entire corporate philosophy. Starting with raw material acquisition, through the slat production, and on to a finished and totally ecological, natural wooden floor. The issue of sustainability comes from Austrian forestry, where then, as now, there is a simple principle: what gets taken from nature, must be replaced.


The forestry sector plays an important role both for the people and for the economy throughout Austria. mafi processes within Austria or rather within an area of just 12km, from the trunk to the finished planks, around 400,000m² of wooden floor annually. The entire region benefits as an employer, as well as co-operation partners and clients.


Customers, however, benefit even more. The finished plank remains breathable and is a real air purifier in your own home. This is made possible by the naturally oiled finish. Here the timber is not sealed but finished with oil, which penetrates deep into the plank and doesn’t just stick to the surface. In addition, the floor is therefore always at body temperature and feels like wood.


As shown in this video, we also use the entire tree. Additionally, raising awareness for the natural use of the whole tree is close to our heart. That’s why mafi relies on an extensive portfolio with many different lengths and widths. Knots and cracks are even brought into the limelight instead of being hidden. Thus, the pyramids shown in the video can be more evenly designed.


Of course, wood cuttings are also generated at mafi. These are processed into pellets which then heat the entire company. The mafi pellets have very good burning characteristics as only very strict drying standards are used in the floor production. Since we produce more pellets than we need ourselves, we also supply customers in the local area.