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ROVERE Senza Nodi


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ROVERE Senza Nodi

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ROVERE Senza Nodi
Durability and resistance

A floor for generations

Our natural wood floors are made for a sustainable, future-oriented everyday life.

  • WATER RESISTANCE: The planks can absorb larger quantities of water than usual by actively exchanging moisture with the room air thanks to the open-pored surface.
  • SELF REGENERATION: Floors re-greased by our soap care regenerate many small signs of wear by themselves - simply through moist care in everyday life.
  • REPAIRABLE: unlike sealed surfaces, affected areas can be repaired locally without having to re-treat the entire surface.
Our natural wood colorplay

Spectrum instead of uniformity

Our natural wood floors bear this name for a reason. We stand for maximum naturalness, unadulterated and genuine. This also means that we consciously focus on a certain play of colors within the wooden floor and follow a spectrum that corresponds to nature.