Walk on Art

What is the best way to explain the interplay of many individual, small building blocks, which together form a large whole? This question is dedicated to our brochure, Walk on art.

All mafi products follow three core values: they are stable, natural and healthy.

On the one hand, the quality of the planks, which promise maximum stability thanks to the symmetrical three-layer structure, and the family-owned company mafi itself, are stable.

Of course, the whole product is natural, but especially our surface. It's air-dried with natural oils, penetrates deep into the wood and thus forms no barrier between people and the wood itself - a feeling that really makes the difference.

The product itself is healthy, made purely from wood, is naturally linseed oil-based and is made with formaldehyde-free white glue. Thanks to the open-pore surface, the floor improves the air and supports a healthy indoor climate.

You will find all this explained compactly and vividly in this brochure.


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