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mafi planks are created to a simple but clear philosophy. Working with wood means reducing the “bad”, while preserving the good. When applied to wooden floors, it's about keeping the regenerative abilities and health promoting aspects of the wood, whilst curbing wear & tear as well as the swelling and shrinkage behaviour of the wood. For this mafi chooses a combination of air-dried, oiled surfaces and a symmetrical three layer plank structure. In this way, the wooden planks remain natural and breathable, whilst still stable and robust. The awkward gap formation on underfloor heating is also greatly reduced by this symmetrical structure.

Real natural wood floors create something that is now lacking in many rooms but is barely palpable. The natural, warm underfoot material wood gives a room a soul and generates a feeling of contentment that reminds many people of childhood. However, wood doesn’t have to be old-fashioned. As a floor, wood fits pleasantly into a room and gives it a real base.

The mafi brand is a family business from Schneegattern, Upper Austria, which has processed wood as a material for over 100 years in Austria, and only in Austria. mafi began originally as a sawmill and developed from producing ornate ceilings to the innovative and sustainable parquet production seen today. Worldwide, the reference portfolio now ranges from Mexico, Qatar, Moscow via Monte Carlo, South Africa to New York and London. In total, people live on mafi natural wood floors in over 50 countries and in all climatic zones.

Solutions for all application areas



Stability, naturalness and ease of use in practice are the core values of our products. Thanks to the symmetrical 3-layer construction and natural oiled surface, mafi wood floors can be used in almost all areas.

mafi floors are even pre-destined for installation on underfloor heating. The symmetry in the construction reduces the natural movement of the wood and thus the risk of gaps.

In a private house, a mafi floor can be easily installed in all areas. The oiled surface in combination with regular soap care makes it extremely robust and insensitive. Thus, open living areas including kitchens can be installed throughout. Due to the porous surface and the associated exchange of humidity, mafi natural wood floors have also been installed in bathrooms. The direct contact with the wood ensures an always body warm feel.

mafi floors are used also in commercial projects, such as hotels, restaurants and shops. The possibility for local repairs, so purely on the problem area and not the whole floor surface, is particularly appreciated in this context.

Architekten und Designer über mafi


"Wir haben uns für mafi entschieden, weil die Produkte einzigartig und gleichsam innovativ sind - und genau solche Eigenschaften erwecken Räume zum Leben."

Jason Linde, Lifestyle Studio Design Director at Gensler New York



"Leben braucht Gefühl. Mit den Böden von mafi erzeugt man diese ganz natürlich."

Karina Medow, Geschäftsführerin Karina Ewertz Innenarchitektur Hamburg, Deutschland



"mafi überzeugt durch Innovationskraft und Nachhaltigkeit."

DI Dietmar Seyrlehner, Geschäftsführer ARCHIONIC ZT GmbH, Österreich


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