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A large portfolio like ours always comes with the challenge of providing a clear overview. Cross combinations of wood types, surface treatments, oil finishes, and grading make it complex. Here, we want to sensibly present the variations of our natural wood products to make your decision easier:

All natural, all unadulterated

Oil Finishes

From genuine craftsmanship to 3D surface

Surface Treatments

Clear, Character, Country

Basic Grades

Depending on the product and wood type, there are very specific grading characteristics that cannot be automatically applied to other products. Therefore, always refer to the product data sheets for precise examination.

Especially with oak, you can distinguish the following three basic grades:

  • Clear: Very calm appearance, only punctuated by pin knots.
  • Character: The middle ground between knot-free and rustic grading, with a clearly visible knot pattern.
  • Country: A livelier grading with knots and cracks for modern concepts as well as the country style.

Outside of oak, products are usually distinguished from the quieter grading by the addition of Country, for example, Larch and Larch Country.




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