Classes Up to R13

Slip Resistance

One of the positive properties of wood that nature has given it, is its enormous slip resistance. This slip resistance results from the more or less structured surface of this natural material.

To maintain this property, mafi planks are not sealed with wax, lacquer or UV oil, but brushed and then finished with natural linseed oil. The oil is given sufficient time to penetrate deep into the wood and provide it with nourishing oils from the inside out.

What remains, is a raised anti-slip surface with a pleasant feel that is wonderfully warm if you walk on it barefoot. 

mafi natural wood floors therefore achieve slip resistance classes R10, R11 and even R13.

A classification

Slip Resistance Classes at a Glance

One of the most important factors for floors in public facilities is, above all, slip resistance. For this reason, floor coverings are thoroughly tested beforehand in order to be able to assign them to the various slip resistance classes from R9 to R13. Whereby R9 is the minimum requirement for slip resistance in public areas. And R13 is the standard value for industrial floors. The classes are defined in detail as follows:

  • R9 stands for a low “static friction coefficient” and is recommended for normal private use. Slip-resistant up to an angle of inclination of 3° to 10° on the inclined plane.
  • R10 stands for a normal “static friction coefficient”, non-slip up to an angle of inclination of 10° to 19° is recommended for "barrier-free".
  • R11 stands for an increased “static friction coefficient”, slip-resistant up to an angle of inclination of 19° to 27°.
  • R12 stands for a high “static friction coefficient”, slip-resistant up to an angle of inclination of 27° to 35°.
  • R13 stands for a very high “static friction coefficient”, slip-resistant up to an angle of inclination of over 35°.



Selected Projects

Slip resistance requirements

From the Hotel to the Bathroom

By brushing and oiling the wood, mafi planks achieve remarkable slip resistance values of R10 and brushed oak even R11. The floors in the Domino collection even achieve values up to R13. This puts mafi at the top of the industry in terms of slip resistance.

mafi natural wood parquet is therefore ideal as a floor for high-traffic areas such as hotels, stores, restaurants or bars, where slip resistance and robustness play an important role in the choice of flooring.

The slip resistance of our natural wood floors also plays a major role in bathrooms, not to mention the authentic, pleasant barefoot feeling.