Our Knowledge as your Basis

for Decision Making

Our goal is an informed customer who can still see the forest for the trees.. We strive to provide transparent and comprehensive information about why we manufacture our product the way we do and which compromises we are not willing to make.

This naturally concerns the production with its details, the clear highlighting of differences from other wood floors, as well as our sincere commitment to quality and genuine sustainability – without greenwashing.

Details, craftsmanship, and innovation

The Difference

Our focus as a manufacturer, our custom production approach, and the decision to decouple time and money create the foundation for our natural wood floors.

In many instances, we choose the better path rather than the quicker and likely more profitable one. The resulting quality is exactly what our customers worldwide appreciate.

Many details add up to our product, and only together do they make the difference.

From the Plank Back to Its Origin in the Forest

The Process

We manufacture our wooden floors with more people than machines. This has nothing to do with a rejection of technology, but rather with the value that people add to the product at many stages in the process.

Humans and their sense of aesthetics make the crucial difference, creating real unique and high-quality products.

Accompany your plank back to its origins in the forest and get to know mafi behind the scenes.

Take a closer look and

Deepen your Knowledge