Our wooden Floor Samples

Your first step towards your

mafi Natural Wood Floor

Samples are an important part of any purchase decision. Paired with a consulation, images from our website or catalogs and showroom areas, our samples give you a first impression of the feel, colors, smell and quality. Actively compare topics such as wear layer thickness, structure and trust your instincts - our evolutionary surface is noticeably different.

Understand & Feel

What our Samples show you:

Symmetrical Structure

Take a look at the structure of the pattern. We rely on the symmetrical 3-layer construction, which provides the necessary stability. The top and back layers are made of the same material, the middle layer is cross-laminated softwood.

Unadulterated Surface

Touch the surface of the pattern. Feel unadulterated wood that has been finished exclusively with natural oils. Together with the air-drying process, the wood retains its positive properties - it always feels warm, antistatic and regulates the air climate.


Take your sample in your hand, close your eyes and smell it. You will smell wood and no chemicals. This scent is also subtly in the air when our floors are cleaned. A piece of forest for your home that is demonstrably relaxing.

Origin & Material

Finally, ask yourself where your sample comes from. Wood is a renewable resource and a valuable CO2 storage. mafi only processes wood from sustainable forestry in Europe and uses the entire tree. By choosing mafi, you are actively removing 8kg of CO2 per m2 from the environment.

Tongue and Groove

Turn the sample and inspect our tongue and groove joint. This allows our planks to be installed continiously and guarantees stability. This tried and tested method is ideally installed by professionals.

Our Plank deconstructed

Hand Samples have

Clear Limits

A hand sample only ever shows a small section of a plank. It is not possible to draw comprehensive conclusions about the color play of natural wood or to reproduce all knot sizes and variants.

Use our reference photos or large sample boards in our showrooms for a better assessment. We will be happy to advise you.

Sample Service

for Architects & Designers

We would be happy to put together samples for your project. Either individually or via our two sample box formats.

Our architect set includes a foray through the mafi portfolio including our large catalog with countless international references.

Our Surface Boxes are dedicated to thematic focal points and are equipped with small 10 x 10 cm samples.