More than just “suitable”

Ideal for Underfloor Heating

Wooden floors sometimes have problems with underfloor heating due to the intense temperatures that affect the floor. After all, wood is a natural material that is influenced by the prevailing temperature and humidity.

Thanks to the symmetrical three-layer structure of the planks, almost all mafi planks are suitable for underfloor heating - in fact, they are predestined for this type of heating.


Advantages & Features

  • Symmetrical 3-layer structure
  • Dimensionally stable up to five meters long and 30 cm wide
  • Different construction thicknesses
  • Very high stability
  • greatly reduced joint risk
  • ideal for laying on underfloor heating systems
  • Wide range of applications
  • impressive dimensions of up to 5 meters in length and 300 mm in width possible
  • optimum utilization of resources
Two important factors

Symmetry & Indoor Climate

Both the top and back layer are made of the same wood with the same treatment. This creates a counter tension in the plank, which greatly limits the “warping” of the plank.

Nevertheless, gaps can form if the humidity in rooms fitted with wooden flooring drops too low. Do not judge this negatively, but as proof of the naturalness of your wooden floor. 

At a room temperature of 21°C, the surface temperature of the floor should not exceed 29° at any point. The room climate is a decisive factor both for your health and for your natural wood floor. The ideal conditions are achieved at a temperature of 21° and a relative humidity of 40-60%.