Noticeably different

Our evolutionary Surface

mafi planks are finished with natural linseed oil-based oils. We uncompromisingly avoid unnatural substances such as varnish or methods such as UV oil.

Our oil is absorbed deep into the wood, is allowed to air dry and therefore does not form a film on the surface. 

The wood can therefore continue to breathe and actively improve the indoor climate. You can feel the difference, especially barefoot - you are walking on a natural material instead of plastic.

And the best thing? Over time, the surface gains resistance instead of losing it.


Facts & Advantages

  • Natural oils dried in the air
  • no layer-forming surface
  • open-pored surface
  • direct contact with wood and therefore always warm to the body
  • completely ecological
  • formaldehyde-free
  • Extremely long product life cycle
  • spot repairs possible
  • Very wide range of natural colors
  • indoor climate regulating properties


The visible surface of the planks is probably the most striking feature of wooden flooring. The differences in quality are enormous, and the effects on the indoor climate and body are even greater. 

People have direct contact with the wood, which means that the floor always appears warm to the body. Oiled wood dissipates heat much more slowly than varnished surfaces, for example. This special finishing process also means that the pores of the wood remain open, allowing the wood to absorb moisture but also release it again without any problems.

As the floor is not covered with a layer, any repairs can be carried out locally without having to treat the entire surface - a very useful product feature in practice.


Natural Colors

In addition to the natural color of the wood, the mafi wood floor oils are crucial for the coloring of the planks. With variants such as natural, white and grey, natural shades are at the heart of the entire portfolio.

mafi floors are already oiled once at the factory. After installation, mafi floors must be lightly re-oiled to guarantee a perfect surface. The basic color of the wood always forms the basis.


Time in Surface Technology

Our unadulterated, natural surface requires one thing above all: time. Due to its naturalness, it is difficult to standardize and each batch, even each plank, differs according to its growth and history. The oil is slowly absorbed through the pores of the wood.

Depending on the character and type of wood, this happens faster or slower due to the size of the pores. We allow each individual plank sufficient time to dry in the air and absorb the oil deeply. This is the only way to create a surface that is as natural and resistant as possible.


Noble Shades without Chemicals

Another part of the finishing process is an optional thermal treatment which, in addition to reducing swelling and shrinkage, also changes the color of the wood. With this ecological “Vulcano” thermal treatment, we are further expanding our color spectrum. Originally developed as an alternative to tropical woods, the mafi Vulcano products have now firmly established themselves on the market with their earthy, elegant play of colors.

In the course of the completely chemical-free drying process, domestic woods are dried purely by heat, water and wind, which changes the color from light to dark. Existing color differences in the wood are partially intensified by this form of finishing.

Depending on the duration and temperature, fine shades of brown through to almost black planks are created.