Quality is our incentive and goal

Less is more

What does mafi do differently from other flooring manufacturers? Why doesn't everyone do it the same way?

We are often asked these questions. The answer - in a nutshell - is a mixture of basic philosophy, order-related production and the factor time. 

The difference to the industry

The factor time

In large, highly automated industrial operations, throughput times and speed are of enormous importance.

As a manufactory, we have focused our production process on flexibility and, above all, quality from the very beginning.

  • We allow the wood to dry in the open air
  • use pollutant-free wood glue instead of fast-setting industrial adhesives
  • and allow our oil surface the time it needs to soak deep into the wood instead of drying quickly on the surface.
  • Knots and cracks are reworked by hand and harmonized with feeling.

Could there be quicker ways? Of course. But would the result be better? We don't think so.

Turnaround time: four days

Our Order-related Production

The second important component of our philosophy is order-related production. We do without a warehouse for finished goods and instead focus on maximum agility.

This makes it easier for us to handle special requests. In addition, wood is a natural material and no two pieces are the same. Thanks to our flexibility in production, we can, for example, take into account different drying times for the oil, depending on the porosity of the individual planks.