History, development and principles

About us

from Schneegattern into the world

One Brand, one Family Business

mafi is an Austrian family business in its third generation. We manufacture high-quality, uncompromisingly sustainable natural wood floors and offer matching total solutions for interiors.

Production takes place exclusively at two locations within 12km of each other in Schneegattern and Steindorf, Austria.

We combine technical innovation with old craft traditions, manufacture completely individually to order and do so within four days for almost all products.

Our products are used worldwide and are professionally processed in a network of architects, designers and certified specialist retailers.

From sawmill to wood flooring manufacturer

Our History

The Fillafer family has been behind the mafi brand for three generations. It all began as a sawmill with an adjoining farm and mill. On the edge of the Kobernausserwald, the largest contiguous forest area in Central Europe, the region was an important part of the Austrian forestry industry.

The company later developed into a timber ceiling production facility. During this time, the Fillafer family gained a great deal of experience in the field of interior fittings and the stable processing of wood.

Today, mafi is a manufacturer of high-quality and non-toxic natural wood floors. As part of the mafi 360° program, we also offer matching wall and ceiling elements, skirting boards, stairs and table tops.

From Austria to the world

The values we stand for globally

With the imperial forestry law for the Austrian crown lands from 1853, Austria probably has the oldest forestry law in the world. The basic idea of sustainability was already formulated in this law, so that for every tree felled, a new one must be planted. 

This is the basis of our brand. We act sustainably and thoughtfully in all areas, give the product the time it needs to last for generations and forgo quick profits in many areas. We live transparency and welcome many international guests from architecture and the specialist trade throughout the year.

Our customers appreciate these lived values and have brought mafi natural wood floors into projects such as the Facebook or Hyatt Headquartes.