The wide range of colors of mafi natural wood floors


mafi's natural wood floors not only impress with exceptional stability and health-promoting properties but also with an impressive spectrum of colors from light to dark.

The natural interplay of colors in mafi floors adds character and personality to any ambiance. What sets mafi apart from other wooden floors in this regard is the natural, silky matte surface that merely reflects the unique character of the wood without artificial alteration.

In the portfolio, you will find only shades and expressions that closely follow the original appearance of woods. Additionally, we completely avoid artificial, chemical additives.

The entire spectrum

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How our natural wood colors are created

Nature creates a Spectrum, never just one Color

The formula for our natural wood colors: Wood + Thermal Treatment + Natural Oil

The basis is always the natural color of the wood. Depending on whether the wood is processed through our chemical-free thermal treatment (Vulcano) or not, the color remains unchanged or becomes darker. Ultimately, our natural oil determines in which shades the planks tend to be lighter, darker, or even in a gray spectrum.

Private and commercial

Selected Projects from our Color Spectrum


OAK Clear


OAK Molto


OAK Clear


OAK Vulcano Medium Herringbone 90°

Gallery 19C

OAK Clear


Swiss Stone Pine

Pro Urban AG

Tiger OAK black




Nero OAK Vulcano
Medium, Vulcano and Nero

Our Thermal Treatment Process, Vulcano

The usually lighter European woods can be literally baked and darkened thanks to our innovative thermal treatment process.

The process works entirely without chemical additives, only with heat, air, and water. In addition, the swelling and shrinking behavior, colloquially known as the “work” of the wood, is significantly reduced, thus ensuring greater dimensional stability. Above all, mafi's Vulcano thermal treatment process offers a sustainable and future-oriented alternative to tropical woods, which are often used solely for their dark color.

The thermal treatment is an optional step and can be offered in different intensities: Medium Vulcano, Vulcano, and Nero Vulcano.


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