Before and after the Purchase

Our Service

Transparency and service orientation are our principles. Here, we provide a concise overview of the most important topics before and after the purchase of mafi natural wood floors.

We offer quick online assistance with our consultation tool to increase orientation in our admittedly extensive portfolio. We establish a direct connection between the manufacturer and the end customer through the floor registration. The offering is complemented with information on maintenance, professional installation, our cleaning service, and informative downloads.

Of course, we are also available directly to answer any questions.

Flexible options

Digital Assistance & the direct Line

The floor finder helps you to narrow down the selection of our floors to your specific requirements and thus obtain a better overview.

On the other hand, floor registration takes place after purchasing a mafi natural wood floor. All deliveries of our floors in our standard portfolio receive a mafi passport on the way to the customer. In it, you will find your registration number to have your floor certified for authenticity. In addition, you will have a personal advisor here at mafi at your disposal.

In the download area, you will find our printed materials as PDF files, as well as helpful forms, certificates and safety data sheets.

Anticipation and everyday life

Life with your mafi Parquet

We are not a DIY product but rely clearly on craftsmanship and specialist companies certified by us for installation. Because our product is only as good as its installation, we would like to outline the most important steps briefly.

On the other hand, maintenance is one of the most important aspects of maintaining the value of a mafi natural wood floor. The good thing about it? Maintenance and cleaning are the same process - simply add a little wood floor soap to your mopping water, and you can clean and maintain your mafi floor simultaneously.

If you ever need professional support or want to clean a public project after a long time, our maintenance team will help you worldwide on request.