From herringbone to chevron to room-length planks.

Our Formats

A wooden floor with character. Whether it's herringbone, parquet panels, or room-length planks, the format of the wooden floor shapes the space and lays the foundation for interior design. We offer a variety of classic designs, all of which we interpret in a modern and timeless way.

We also provide technically important solutions, such as our renovation board with just one centimeter of construction height, as part of our portfolio.

In general, if the planks are laid parallel to the longer wall, the room appears elongated. If the planks are laid perpendicular to the length, the room appears widened. Additionally, consider the direction of traffic and the incidence of light.


Impact on the space

Room-length planks

They elongate the space and create a very exclusive appearance.


Modern, draws the eye along the top into the space.


A classic, elegant design that commands its space.


Luxurious, three-dimensional appearance, requires open space.

End-grain wood flooring

Innovative, for a clean design concept.

Parquet Panels

Structured, organizes the space, especially effective in high spaces.

Variations of different formats in the project.

In many of our projects, a mafi natural wood floor is chosen for the entire property, creating a unified, cohesive foundation. As part of our mafi 360° program, stairs and skirting boards precisely matched to the floor can be added.

An exciting option is the combination of formats within a project. Room-length planks can add a sense of spaciousness to the open living and dining area. Herringbone or chevron planks automatically lend a room elegance. Consider the transitions between the various formats and how they are designed in this context.