Our Quality

Compared to other floor coverings such as PVC or carpet, real wood flooring offers all kinds of advantages - from its naturally beautiful character to its suitability for everyday use and easy maintenance.

But not all wood is the same.

To be able to call itself high-quality, a parquet floor must meet a number of criteria. mafi is an expert in the production of natural wood floors and stands for a high-quality overall package of stability, naturalness and health like no other manufacturer.

Number 1

The Origin of the Wood

Responsible use of resources secures the future of us all. The story of a wooden floor does not begin in a specialist shop, but in the forest. As an environmentally conscious natural wood flooring manufacturer, mafi sources the wood for its products from sustainable forestry in Europe.

The traditional family business attaches great importance to transparency and therefore manufactures exclusively in Austria: from the delivery of the wood to the finished parquet floor, everything is done in-house. This is how mafi ensures the high quality of its floors in the long term.

Number 2

The Ingredients

Many manufacturers use substances such as plasticizers, formaldehyde or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the production of their floor coverings, which together are harmful to health.

In contrast, mafi's natural wood floors are completely free of harmful substances and follow the credo that less is more. Wood, white glue and oil - that's all you need for a healthy living floor.

The white glue consists of 100 percent natural ingredients such as chalk and vinegar. The mafi wood floor oil is based on linseed oil and also contains no chemical additives.

Number 3

The Surface

The treatment of the plank surface has a major impact on the quality and durability of the floor.

Varnishes and wax layers seal the surface and prevent the wood from developing its positive properties.

Even with UV-oiled surfaces, a dense, lacquer-like film forms during drying due to the intensive exposure to ultraviolet light.

This is why mafi uses an oxidatively oiled surface to finish its floors: the oiled planks are slowly air-dried so that the oil can penetrate deep into the wood. This is the only way to keep the floor open-pored and unaltered.

Number 4

The Effect on Body and Space

Number 5

The Plank Structure

The plank structure determines the stability and durability of the floor.

Solid parquet consists of the same piece of wood over its entire thickness. However, this means that the individual planks warp more quickly when they absorb and release moisture. In contrast, multi-layer parquet made from different layers of wood offers the necessary stability.

Planks from mafi are particularly robust thanks to their symmetrical structure of three solid wood layers. With top and back layers made from the same type of wood and the same thermal treatment, the natural movement of the wood is greatly reduced - perfect for underfloor heating.

Number 6

The Installation Types

The symmetrical plank structure also means that there are several installation methods, offering solutions and flexibility for renovations and modernizations in particular:

  • Full-surface gluing
  • Partial gluing
  • Nails/screws on upholstered wood
  • Laying on boards
  • Floating installation
Number 7

The Color

Individual, unadulterated and always based on nature.

Natural wood floors from mafi not only impress with their inner values: they also present themselves in various appealing designs and color variations.

The nine different types of wood fit into any interior design style, even in their naturally treated state - whether modern, classic or rustic. The mafi Vulcano thermo treatment gives the European wood the exotic character of tropical wood. Light, Nordic concepts, on the other hand, often rely on white or gray oiled planks.

In the Tiger and Coral oak variants, the distinctive, strong cracks of this oak grading are beautifully accentuated with colored putty and provide an individual touch.

Number 8

The Formats

A modern interpretation of classics.

The interplay between plank structure, surface and our hunger for innovation creates a broad spectrum of designs. From planks as classic country house planks, renovation planks or room-length planks to modern-interpreted formats such as herringbone, chevron or hexagon, through to end grain floors and Parquet panel - we offer flexibility for every project.

Number 9


As easy as washing your hands.

To keep the floor looking its best even after years of use, care and cleaning are required. Here too, the open-pored surface of mafi natural wood floors proves its worth: dirt and stains can be easily washed out with warm water and mafi wood floor soap.

Minor repairs can also be carried out locally and easily, unlike with lacquered parquet, without having to treat the entire surface.

Number 10

The Disposal

Not hazardous waste, but completely compostable. Even the most durable wooden floor comes to an end at some point. The only question then is how to dispose of it.

While a lacquered floor is often considered hazardous waste due to its sometimes toxic ingredients, mafi natural wood floors are recyclable products. They contain no chemical additives - no lacquers or other petroleum products - but only natural ingredients and are therefore even compostable.