Hand-selected and European

Our Native Woods

From hardwood to softwood

An Overview of our Wood Species

We offer a wide but meaningful selection of native wood species:

  • OAK: consistently popular and an ideal flooring wood
  • ASH: an exciting new alternative to Oak
  • BEECH: reinterpreted with design and innovation
  • WALNUT: elegant and representative
  • LARCH: the hard softwood
  • DOUGLAS FIR: experience Scandinavian design
  • FIR: long, wide, and velvety
  • SWISS STONE PINE: better sleep and improved health
  • SPRUCE: light, genuine, and cost-effective
A selection

About our products

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A Matter of Material

From log to delivery

All from a single source

High-quality standards, maximum independence, and flexibility - we achieve this by having a high internal coverage of the production chain.

In our lamella competence center, we manufacture everything from the tree trunk to the lamella itself. This way, we have the material in our own hands as early as possible in the process and can perfectly meet the high demands of our customers.