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Our Certificates

mafi natural wood floors, whether as a company or our products, are independently certified on a broad basis. The spectrum ranges from sustainability and health certificates to ingredients and holistic analyses of the company and the effects on its surroundings from a social and environmental point of view.


Overview of Wood Flooring Certifications

Structured and comparatively prepared

Transparency down to the last Detail

In order to prepare the sometimes very complex and extensive data of the various certificates in a transparent and understandable way, we have summarized the most important information for you and standardized it for comparison. Below you will find a list of all our certifications according to the following criteria.

easy to grasp

Certificates prepared for you according to:


What type does the certificate correspond to: different categories such as sustainability or health give you an initial orientation about the content and the statement of the certificate.


This is about who issues the certificate and who is the auditing, executing institution. Our certificates come from both national and international testing bodies.


Here we provide information on the method used for certification. Possible characteristics are, for example, an audit, a laboratory examination or a selection.


At this point, depending on the certification, you can either download the certificate directly or call up more detailed information. You will be redirected to the respective test centers.


What added value does the certificate bring you? Here we are addressing users on the one hand and architects and designers on the other, who need products for LEED-certified buildings, for example.
  • TYPE: Sustainability
    ISSUER: Institut Bauen und Umwelt (DE)
    METHOD: Summary of the life cycle analysis of the product



    • Positive cradle to grave analysis of the products
    • CO2 negative product and thus leads to an improvement in the life cycle assessment of buildings
    • Audited production and distribution process
    • Sustainable product life cycle
    • energy-saving company