A healthy product with health-promoting properties

Effect & Health

People spend around 90% of the day indoors. The intensity of the effect of the materials used in rooms on people has never been higher.

This is why countless international studies are focusing on this topic. Building ecology, green design and healthy living products are on the rise and are countering new clinical pictures such as sick building syndrome, which attributes headaches, restlessness and exhaustion to excessive presence in enclosed spaces and the materials used in them.

But even without sounding like a problem, but with common sense, we quickly realize that we live in a globalized world with products of unknown origin and extremely different quality standards in the countries of manufacture. We must therefore be careful what we bring into our homes.

mafi natural wood floors as a pioneer of natural wooden floors shows why a wooden floor, processed naturally and healthily, can make an important and even health-promoting contribution to your home.

Only natural wood helps your health

Sealing vs. open Porosity

Natural, untreated wood harmonizes perfectly with people and shares its healthy properties with us. In this context, naturalness means not sealing the surface of the wood or the pores, but continuing to allow moisture exchange.

The best way to do this is to finish the wood with natural oil that is allowed to air dry. This allows the oil to penetrate deep into the wood, protecting it from the inside out and not forming a plasticized layer on the surface, as is the case with almost all other methods.

Natural wood is also ahead in terms of hygiene. Bacteria and germs are killed by the wood or do not adhere to the surface in the first place. Soap care reinforces the hygiene effect.

Feel-good atmosphere & odour neutralization

Doctors rely on mafi for Practice Design

Wood has many different effects on people in offices

Our Wooden Floors in the working environment

The wooden floors from mafi differ in many details from other products available on the market. However, the two most important factors for modern offices are the pollutant-free processing and the positive effect of the unadulterated wood on the workforce.

International certifications such as the Declare Label or the Living Product Challenge from the renowned International Living Future Institute in Seattle, USA, underpin the high standards of our products.

The advantages of mafi for Healthy Workspaces:

  • Healthy indoor climate
  • Feel-good atmosphere at the workplace
  • Increased ability to concentrate
  • High ecological standard
  • Durable, robust, resistant
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance in one step
  • ideal flooring for laying on underfloor heating systems
Facebook, Salesforce, Apple and many other brands rely on mafi

An Excerpt from mafi in Offices