Matching your wooden floor

Wall and Ceiling

A reduced material mix is the key to high-quality design concepts. Natural wood floors as wood wall claddings come with the ecological aspect and have a positive impact on the indoor climate as well as human well-being.

Wooden wall and ceiling claddings make a room healthier and provide an extraordinary eye-catcher. Wood is used as an identity-establishing material in this case.

The repetition of the coordinated material from the floor, ceiling, or wall as a stylistic element creates a sense of cosiness and aesthetics in every room.



Matching Your Natural Wood Floor

Wall and Ceiling Elements

Cladding walls with natural wood floors brings warmth and cosiness to any project and ensures a consistent design concept. This allows specific areas to be accented with the same material as the wood flooring.

Installation is quite simple using a cushioned wood construction and concealed screwing via tongue and groove. Additional planks can be ordered along with the corresponding natural wood floor. Matching screws are available from us at any time.

Natural wall panels in two variants



The milling penetrates the top layer, revealing the black middle layer as a contrast. An additional longitudinal milling of the spaces with subtle grooves enhances the room-wide effect of the planks. The clear, linear design is ideal for elongating room heights and accentuating areas in the interior.


Named in part by inspiration from wine labeling, the "Reserve" variation offers a restrained appearance. The subtle milling deepens the top layer without penetrating the middle layer. This creates an interplay between the refined top layer and the second layer, marked with fine grooves.

The primal form of the tree

mafi Flex

The innovation of cladding walls with flexible floorboards makes an architectural statement. Using the new processing technology FLEX, floorboards are bent, creating a symbiosis between the floor and the wooden walls.

Even challenging floor plans and intricate walls can be visually enhanced and presented attractively through a curved cladding. Whether for an office, restaurant, or your own home, a curved wooden wall is a design exclamation point in any case.

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