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Installation by Professionals

For us, real natural wood floors are walkable works of art. On the one hand, the art form stems from nature and its uniqueness, but on the other hand, it is also used to set the scene within rooms. Our floors are only as good as their installation. This requires specialist knowledge, experience and the right eye. The latter is the responsibility of professionals with a feel for aesthetics and wood as a material. That's why we focus clearly and uncompromisingly on craftsmanship.

The most important steps

at a Glance:

Obligation to inspect

Before installing a mafi natural wood floor, the subfloor must be checked for compliance with standards and the dryness of the screed. The regulations applicable in the respective country must be observed. The measurements must be documented in a report and written to the client.


Our planks can be easily installed on standardized subfloors that have been approved for installation. These include screed, dry screed (Fermacell), chipboard or OSB boards as well as blind floor constructions or joists. Depending on the substrate, additional steps may be necessary before installation, e.g. a heating protocol for screeds.


Our planks must be prepared before installation. First, the packages must be protected from moisture and stored at a cool temperature (15-25°) on delivery. The packages are opened shortly before installation. For a balanced surface appearance, it is advisable to mix several packages. It is also essential to check the goods for defects immediately before laying.


mafi natural wood floors can either be laid floating, nailed or screwed down or partially or fully glued down. Depending on the type of installation, the usual rules must be observed. Using a hammer weighing at least 1 kg and a suitable tapping block is also recommended.


Our planks are oiled once at the factory. For a perfect surface, the floor must be treated again after installation. Depending on the product, the appropriate mafi wood floor oil or our mafi maintenance oil balm is suitable for this. Attention: clothes used with oil are self-igniting!
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Installation by our Partners

Our network of expert consultants and installers are very familiar with these steps. They undergo regular training and certification programs. As a result, they are familiar with all current methods and options for every application and guarantee high-quality installation. They are always available to answer any questions you may have about installation. You can also find details in our installation instructions: