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mafi natural wood floors set the highest standards in three key areas:
✅ In production
✅ In the product itself
✅ Its positive effect on interiors

"Transparency is the design tool for healthy buildings."

Using the entire tree

The manufacturing process focuses uncompromisingly on the optimal use of wood as a resource. Our certified Living Product Challenge floors all obtain their wood from FSC® -certified suppliers. From the delivery of the trunk or timber, processing is 100% in our own hands.

A broad and innovative portfolio provides areas of application all parts of the trunk. Sections are used to heat the company. In addition, all production buildings are equipped with photovoltaic systems.

A product created out of three transparent components


The product itself meets the highest technical standards, but the composition remains surprisingly simple and transparent. Our symmetrical structure consists of a cover and a reserve made of the same wood with the same initial thickness.

This symmetry ensures stability and at the same time supports the use of resources by processing less visually appealing slats as reserves. The core consists of solid pieces of spruce that are glued across with formaldehyde-free white glue.

The board is finished with VOC-free wood floor oil and allowed to air dry. This saves the environment tons of paint each year.

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Optimizing rooms for all human senses

Once installed indoors, mafi natural wood floors exude a warm, welcoming effect. The wood is open-pore and breathable thanks to the unique finishing form.

There are benefits in many areas of application. In this way, the indoor climate and humidity are regulated and optimized. This increases the concentration and well-being of the people who live and work in these rooms. T

he feel of the natural wood surfaces is genuine - people live and experience real wood. People perceive this feeling positively through basic instincts.

The smell of wood also affects us subconsciously in the form of relaxation.

LPC certified European Oak floorings

Our LPC European oaks all come from FSC® -certified timber companies. We create a wide variety of designs and formats based on the natural look of the wood. Starting with classic planks, we also offer floor-length planks that can be easily laid when underfloor heating is installed. In addition, a variety of products can be made as herringbone or chevron. The large format variants in particular are an interesting option for open room concepts.

The grades range from knotless to lively designs. Our Vulcano chemical-free thermal treatment also makes dark shades from light brown to chocolate brown to almost black possible. All are based on our sustainable oak from Europe and offer a high-quality and unproblematic alternative to tropical wood.

LPC certified European Ash floorings

Ash has long been an underestimated wood. Hard, durable and in its look a prime example of naturalness. We see this type of wood as a real alternative to oak, also in alleviating the excessive demand for oak. Technically speaking, ash is in no way inferior to oak. Visually, it even offers a real spectacle thanks to its strong grain.

We offer two types of ash grading. The cor and the uni ash. The cor ash contains heartwood, which is revealed by partial inclusions in the wood and creates a livelier overall look. Plain ash is based on white ash and is significantly more homogeneous in comparison.

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