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Great time saving! We will show you how to clean and maintain your parquet floor with a simple routine. Our wood floor soap is the basis for maintaining the value of your natural wood floor.

You will also find useful tips on how to eliminate problems here: What to do if you have stains or scratches on your parquet? We have created easy-to-understand videos and prepared our comprehensive care guide for you.

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Wiping a mafi Natural Wood Floor

First clean the parquet floor with a vacuum cleaner. Mopping parquet is almost as easy as vacuuming. All you need is two buckets, a cotton mop and a container of mafi wood floor soap. We recommend these six steps for parquet cleaning and care:

  1. Fill both buckets with warm water.
  2. Add the appropriate mafi wood floor soap to one bucket (125 ml soap to 5 l water). The two-bucket principle ensures that the clean soap water does not mix with the dirty water.
  3. Spread the soapy water mixture on the floor with a cotton mop.
  4. After a short reaction time, remove the excess water with the cotton mop and wash out in a second bucket. The mafi wood floor soap loosens the dirt from the pores and the loosened dirt is removed from the floor by picking it up with the mop.
  5. Then wash the cotton mop in the second bucket with clear water.
  6. Then repeat steps 3-5 for the entire floor surface.
  7. In principle, mafi natural wood floors can be mopped very damp. Only the floors with Vulcano thermal treatment should only be wiped with a damp cloth.

How often should parquet be mopped? For normal use in a private household, we recommend cleaning the parquet approx. every four weeks. In between, weekly vacuuming is sufficient.


Regular Soap Care


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Re-oiling Parquet over Time?

mafi parquet is easy to maintain. In private households, mafi parquet does not need to be re-oiled - our service partners do this directly after installation. It is sufficient to wipe the floor regularly with warm water and mafi wood floor soap. The high fat content of the soap acts like a light re-oiling.

If you want to freshen up the shine of your parquet, the mafi care oil balm will do the job, which you can simply polish in with a cotton cloth. This is far less time-consuming than re-oiling and you can walk on the floor again after just four hours.

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mafi Care Products

For professionals

Oiling - directly after installation

  1. Re-oiling on site: After installation, the floor must be lightly oiled and polished again by specialists to ensure an optimum surface.
  2. Allow the wood floor oil to harden: After 24 hours, the floor can be gently walked on again.
  3. Oil penetration of the plank: No liquids should come into contact with the floor for the first 14 days.
  4. Maintenance build-up: Over a period of three weeks, the floor should be mopped once a week with warm water and mafi wood floor soap. Depending on the room climate, the period between mopping can be significantly shortened.
  5. Regular maintenance: In an average private household, it is sufficient to mop the floor once a month with warm water and mafi wood floor soap.
Solutions for all problems

Simple Repair

Over the course of its life, your natural wood floor will also face one or two challenges. Everyday soiling and minor signs of wear are normal and, thanks to the care and repairable surface, not a problem. We provide information on topics such as scratches, dents or stains from coffee, red wine or grease and how these can be removed easily and locally.

Regular damp mopping with mafi wood floor soap will make light signs of wear in your oiled mafi parquet disappear by itself. You can also repair more severe scratches in the parquet locally yourself without having to treat the entire floor. You can find out how to do this and what you need in our video, including step-by-step instructions.


Stains and other Damage

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Oiled and lacquered Parquet

mafi natural wood floors are exclusively oiled, pollutant-free parquet floors that are air-dried (oxidative). In this process, the applied oil is absorbed deep into the wood without closing the pores. This contrasts with lacquered parquet, where the wood is sealed by the lacquer layer.

When it comes to maintenance, oiled parquet has the edge over lacquered parquet. Too much moisture, e.g. when mopping, can be a problem for lacquered parquet. If moisture gets under the sealant, this can lead to ugly stains or warped planks.

In contrast, the oiled mafi natural wood floors are easier to care for and more durable, as they become more and more resistant when cleaned with warm water and mafi wood floor soap. Dirt and stains can be easily washed out of this open-pored surface. Another plus: With oiled parquet, repairs can be carried out directly and easily on the affected area without having to treat the entire surface.


Parquet & Indoor Climate

When the ambient humidity is high, parquet absorbs moisture and increases its volume. When the ambient humidity is low, for example during the heating period, the wood releases moisture and reduces its volume. This is not the only reason why it is important to ensure the right room climate.

The room climate is a decisive factor for both your health and your parquet. The ideal conditions are achieved at a temperature of 21°C and a relative humidity of 40-60%. Regular ventilation, indoor plants and humidifiers have a positive effect on the indoor climate. mafi parquet is often laid on underfloor heating because it has ideal properties for this. You should also ensure good conditions in such rooms through proper ventilation and possibly humidifiers.