The mafi flagshipstore in Linz introduces itself

mafi flagshipstore Linz
Marienstraße 9
4020 Linz

Telephone: +43 664 825 2334 or +43 664 8537740

Opening hours:
10:00-1:00 and 2:00-6:00
Or by appointment (please call)

Parking available

The design concept of the flagshipstore Linz

mafi flagshipstores rely on a clean lines, but the 80 m² in Linz showcases some 100 different mafi products. In the center is a module in which the sample boards are located and which ensures that visitors are not overwhelmed by the selection of products. A cozy seating area creates a homey atmosphere and is ideal for consultations. mafi cubes & boxes, the company's small furniture line, keeps the space orderly. These not only convince as eye-catchers, but also hide children's toys for the little visitors. A perfect presentation area for personal product favorites was needed.

With its flagship store Linz, mafi makes a clear statement about the company's regional ties. In the center of Linz, this modern and fully equipped mafi flagship store serves as a contact point for end customers, sales partners, architects, and designers.

Cozy atmosphere on over 80m²

Imposing sample surfaces hang in the typical colorful frames from mafi on the ceiling and are presented as works of art. It's not for nothing that mafi's slogan is “walk on art.” The various care products for our natural wood floors and the current felt collection are also on display in the store. The flagshipstore is like a gallery that presents the wide range of mafi products.

A special highlight is the sales counter in Linz. This was covered with the carving collection from mafi and shows the exciting possibilities in furniture construction. Reducing the mix of materials and using the same woods for the walls and furniture creates a pleasant atmosphere in the space. The result is a harmonious atmosphere. The use of wooden elements in the kitchen and wall coverings present the multifaceted areas of application of the various mafi collections. As in all mafi flagshipstores, the store features sample boards for the baseboards and stair profiles that demonstrate the various options.

“We attach great importance to personal, well-founded advice to customers. This also includes providing a targeted overview and working out favorites together with the customer”, explains Friedrich Fillafer, managing director of mafi.

Individual advice by mafi Team Linz

Advice in the mafi flagshipstores adapts to your individual ideas. The team in Linz will be happy to present our sample presentations to you and advise you on which natural wood flooring suits you best. As different as the different designs of the products are, their installation directions can also be different.

For this reason, we are happy to explain the various options. In order to perfectly combine natural wood floors with your furnishing style, we advise you on the possible combinations. Other offers regarding advice include viewing appointments and on-site sampling. You can get information about proper care, cleaning and mafi care products from our experts in the flagshipstore.

“Our flagshipstore is not only the point of contact for traditional house builders, but also for professionals such as architects or carpenters. We are already successfully pursuing this open concept in Salzburg and Vienna,” adds Fillafer.

mafi flagshipstore Linz for designers, architects, and professionals

The showroom in Linz is a contact point for end customers from Vienna and the surrounding area. Architects, designers, and professionals like to use our premises to share the special mafi ambiance with their clients. If you are interested in planning your projects in our showroom or using the ambiance as part of your work with your clients, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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What is a mafi flagshipstore?

A mafi flagshipstore is a store featuring just mafi brand products. Customers can view an extensive range of different products as well as receive in-depth expert advice. The design of the flagshipstores follows the mafi corporate identity. The sleek concept focuses the attention on design consulting and includes key aspects of interior design to inspire our customers. The skillful interplay of colors, clear lines, and reduced but inviting furnishings characterize the mafi showroom concept. The reduction of the material mix means selected wooden elements are used repeatedly throughout the space to make it appear harmonious. Using mafi wooden elements in the kitchen on the walls or as furniture in the flagshipstores illustrates the wide range of applications of mafi's products.

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