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We are always on the lookout for ambitious sales partners to welcome into our global network. We are mafi natural wood floors, custom-made in Austria. With the help of our sales partners all over the world, we distribute high quality wooden floors that offer maximum stability for natural, healthy spaces.

We offer a complete package of products, portfolio depth, brand recognition, and loyalty. You can find our products in upscale homes and even in the headquarters of global corporations like Facebook and Hyatt Hotels.

As a family-owned and operated company, we value direct communication and hands-on, appreciative cooperation. Below we share what our current partners have said they value about us and our products.

mafi natural wood floors combine maximum stability, naturalness, and healthy living. We combine these factors in our products to meet the regular demands of upscale interior designers. The personal and service-oriented cooperation with architects and interior designers from all over the world has resulted in many recurring orders that have allowed mafi to establish a reputation for excellence.

As part of the mafi sales network, you would benefit from the satisfaction of clients in reference projects that have already been completed, while helping us to expand our presence in your core market. There is much less fluctuation in the volume for high-end projects even in economically challenging times; this can help ensure a consistent order volume for you in your local market.

mafi offers harmonious solutions with a reduced mix of materials. The completely 100% pollutant-free, natural, and healthy mafi wood surfaces aren't just great flooring options. They can be used as wall cladding and on stairs, perfectly matched to the color of the adjacent flooring.

Be creative! Table tops, window sills, small furniture: we manufacture to order and can handle a full range of special requests. As a sales partner, you benefit from being able to offer coordinated overall solutions for your customers and can close the deal with mafi's all-round service.

There is more than the classic oak plank. mafi offers solutions in a variety of wood types, including many innovative designs that will pique the interest of potential new clients

We reinterpret the classic, sometimes rustic material wood in modern ways to make optimal use of the resource. Whether you opt for planks with cracks that are artistically reworked by hand, 3-D surfaces on particularly fine-pored wood, or flat designs that span several planks, products like these generate attention and open up new customer potential.

You and the brand you represent are inextricably linked. Clients see both as a package. We therefore not only offer a high-quality product, but also continuously develop excellent marketing materials in partnership with our international sales network.

The two flagship promo materials are certainly our catalog and our website, but we also devote a lot of love to detail to such important topics as biophilic design and compact brochures for the best possible support for sales as well as offering our customers the best possible service.

Regardless of whether it's a flagship store, shop-in-shop concepts, or a compact, mobile sample selection, we offer our sales partners personally tailored showroom concepts including in-house planning as support.

We like our showrooms to be minimalist and tidy and see them more as a gallery than a showroom. Starting with the freely expandable module, through helpful argumentation boards to the compact presentation set, we can offer a wide, yet exclusive range of items for your showroom.

Globally speaking, the upscale home is perhaps the "typical" mafi project. As a rule, wooden floors are laid in almost every space, resulting in a high sales volume. A high level of service is also important to our customers, which is why we always try to find sales partners who handle the laying themselves. In addition to installing wooden floors, home designs are increasingly including mafi stairs, skirting boards, and wall elements. The order volume is well above the market average.

There is increasing demand for mafi floors, especially given the way they make indoor spaces healthier. Flagship projects such as the headquarters of Hyatt and Facebook are perfect examples of the great contribution that mafi can make to the kinds of healthy indoor climates that more and more architects are requiring.

mafi relies on selective, regional distribution system to allow local sales partners the ability to plan more reliably as well as potential for development potential while offer regional customers local points of contact.

Our focus is clearly on the quality of the sales partners, starting with the advice and showrooms and then the installation and after-sales service they can offer. We're 100% behind our partners and let you develop your sales region without lots of interference.

The future of construction and interior design is green and transparent. mafi has embraced these values for decades and built a reputation in the design industry. Because we produce based on actual orders and not to save maximum time, we offer a strong competitive advantage for these important future issues.

Together with our sales partners, we offer honest, high-quality natural wood floors and plan to continue shaping this market. Being green is not in conflict with economic interests! Rather, it should form the basis for this. Why not join us on this path?

One worry less! With our traffic light system for production times, you always know how long it will take to produce your order. We produce 85% of our floors within four days.

In Austria and Germany, you can even use our own truck fleet. With our loading calendar, you can calculate the exact day of delivery one year in advance.

Various tools offer you the opportunity to bring your personalized data to our shared content. The best example of this are our samples, which are automatically provided with your contact details. In addition to the general information about mafi, the sample recipient is also given your information printed directly on the sample.

The same naturally applies to offers that you create in our online tool or the information sheets you can download.


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