Welcome to the mafi headquarters in Schneegattern, Austria

mafi Naturholzboden GmbH
Utzweihstrasse 25
5212 Schneegattern

Telephone: +43 7746 2711

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Friday 20.10. closed from 13:00.


mafi Schneegattern has been the international headquarters of the mafi brand
for around 100 years.

The mafi showroom in Schneegattern

In addition to production and management, the mafi headquarters also houses an attractive showroom where you can browse parquet samples at your leisure.

Almost 100 different samples are presented in a 62 m² area in Schneegattern. Typical for mafi flagship stores is the module, which is also located at the showroom in Schneegattern in the center of the room. This provides order with its generous drawers for the various sample plates. The versatile applicability of the products is demonstrated, among other things, by the wooden construction of the kitchen, the wooden table from mafi or the mafi wooden stairs.

The small furniture line from mafi can also be admired on site: solid wood side tables, stools and individually designed storage boxes are lined up next to each other. The so-called mafi cubes can be perfectly combined with the natural wood floors thanks to their clear lines, combined with their natural design and offer enormous storage space.

The design of the showroom in Schneegattern follows the mafi corporate identity and invites you to linger and be creative.

Walk on art at the mafi headquarters

Based on the characteristic, colorful frames, which present large areas of wood samples, the showroom concept in Schneegattern resembles a gallery.

The other flagship stores in Linz, Salzburg and Vienna also follow this creative presentation concept with a strong recognition value.
The reduced look of the showrooms allows a focused view on personal product favorites without being overwhelmed by the selection. As in all mafi showrooms, there are also sample boards at the headquarters which clearly show the wide range of possibilities for baseboards and stair profiles.

Arrange a personal consultation with our experts on site at: office@mafi.com


Individual consulting also at the headquarters

As in the flagship stores in the provinces of Vienna, Salzburg and Upper Austria, individual consultations are also offered directly at the headquarters. Sample presentations as well as expert tips regarding the various laying options are also offered by our on-site team.

Mafi natural wood floors can be combined in the most diverse of variations. In order to clarify the spatial conditions at your home, we recommend an on-site inspection, together with a mafi specialist. Our experts will get a precise picture of your personal framework conditions and advise you accordingly. The team is also available to answer any questions you may have about cleaning and maintaining your natural wood floors.

A look behind the scenes: Experience how your natural wood floor is made

Are you curious to look behind the scenes of mafi production?
Then visit us at our headquarters and let us guide you through production. See for yourself that there are still more hands than machines at work at mafi.

Be there live when a dimensionally stable plank is produced from three layers of solid wood in a high-quality, three-symmetrical structure. Watch as only the best raw material is selected and each plank is oiled with linseed based oil.

This is how exciting real natural wood flooring can be.

Definition mafi flagshipstore

A mafi flagship store is a store featuring just mafi brand products. Customers are presented with an extensive mafi portfolio. The first mafi flagship store was opened in Mozart's hometown of Salzburg. Two further showrooms can be found in Vienna and Linz.

In the respective stores experts, who have a profound knowledge of natural wood floors, are available for an individual and time intensive consultation.

We look forward to your visit and will be happy to help to make your dream home come true.

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