Global Partnerships

One of the top multinational companies in the world that specializes in manufacturing wood flooring and care products, mafi Naturholzboden GmbH and its subsidiaries offer prestigious sales programs to flooring retail companies who want to include mafi products in their inventory. Because of its reputation, mafi is strict in giving out authorization to resell, requiring companies to meet a number of legal and financial qualifications before entering into business agreements.


"After working with mafi Austria for 7 years, not a day goes by where I do not find another amazing fact about what nature and mafi have in common. Most rewarding are the benefits that mafi provide people -  mafi is not just a floor, but an air filtration system that adds value to both the property and our clients wellbeing." 

Mike Milling, CEO
Bathco LTD [Premium Partner]
Sydney - Australia

"Confidence comes from within the person who believes in what they are setting out to achieve. Mafi brings out that inner confidence. It not only makes you believe in our products, it fills you with the belief that our clients deserve the best. Everyday mafi allows us to walk on art."

Timothy Milling, Sales & Product Manager 
Bathco LTD [Premium Partner]
​Sydney - Australia

For one, the company must prove its experience and expertise in reselling and its ability to operate a retail store in a decent sales location. The company too must have representative employees who successfully completed mafi's special sales training program. The company must also abide by the conditions written in mafi's partner agreement and mafi's code of business policies. The company must be able to employ a number of mafi sample systems, and provide pre-sales and after-sales support and face-to-face sales.


"It's incredible to work with something you believe in! mafi is so natural, and in my view you can't fault nature. The long history of mafi makes it even more rewarding, and affirms my complete confidence in the product."

Ella Brichta, Marketing Manager
Bathco LTD [Premium Partner]
Sydney - Australia

"Working for Mafi is fulfilling in many ways. The product has brand integrity, history and is pioneering rather than simply being a commodity or market follower. This appeal is evidenced by the fact that the majority of our private customers tend to come from an industry background, be it architects, interior designers or construction professionals." 

Tim Hayton, National Contracts Manager
Bathco LTD [Premium Partner] 
Melbourne - Australia

mafi provides a long list of benefits to its chosen authorized resellers. Some of these benefits include advertising materials, certification programs, online support tools and technical support programs. 







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