Information about the Coronavirus crisis


PRODUCTION: full force
OFFICE: full force
DELIVERIES: unrestricted




FAQs for customers and suppliers

The corona virus that is currently spreading poses a challenge for our community. The challenge is that, according to experts, the disease is harmless for many people but presents a certain danger for people with weak immune systems, older people, and people with pre-existing conditions.

To protect this group and maintain the health system for severe cases, the virus needs to be stripped of its foundation. We are this foundation!

Therefore, it is important to keep social contacts to a minimum. The associated measures are also having an impact on our usual business relations and are a balancing act between our responsibility as a producer toward our sales partners and a reduction to the bare necessities to protect against further spread.

In close coordination with authorities, we will continue to keep both production and administration running.

Can I still place orders with mafi?

YES. Both production and administration are staffed in a way that allows the usual quality of products and services to be maintained. You can place orders as usual.

How can I communicate with mafi at this time?

With the exception of a skeleton crew, many of the administrative staff are in Home Office. Transferring calls slows response time unnecessarily. Therefore, please order online via or contact us primarily by email.

Will mafi floors continue to be delivered (on time)?

Our point system for calculating production time is being maintained. There are currently frequent delays in international trade; please take this into account accordingly.

In case of pick up please call prior arrival and follow instructions for reducing personal contact.

How is mafi supporting its sales partners in these times?

We are supporting our partners with hand-samples for end customers based on the principle of fair use. Ideally, you will use our online sample order including personalized sample labels on the back. Other than that, you can also send us orders by email.

IMPORTANT: We need complete delivery addresses including telephone numbers to deliver samples.

What should suppliers consider when making deliveries?

We want to minimize direct contact for both your drivers and our employees. We therefore ask for advance notification by phone and then again directly on arrival.

We will then guide you to the appropriate unloading area and explain the unloading process in detail. Signatures of delivery notes should, if possible, be made electronically by email or comparable means.

Please refrain from using touch screens for signatures.

What measures is mafi taking to protect employees and the community?

In addition to the large reduction in staff on site through Home Office, employees from the risk group have also been protected in a targeted manner.

Other measures include increased hygiene measures, minimum distances, adjustment of the processes in production and for delivery and collection, and the chronological order of breaks. The measures are aimed at reducing contacts between employees to virtually zero.

What's next?

Honestly? We will be making plans in a dynamic way and at short notice from day to day in close coordination with authorities. All decisions will be made based on the goal of containing the virus and in coordination with staff.

Depending on the course of the pandemic, we will initiate further steps that are necessary, which we will inform you about immediately. Nevertheless the Austrian goverment is focusing on an active and open industry sector.

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