The three major phases in mafi's history

Anyone can mark 100 years ;) but mafi stands for symmetry. And that's simply why we like the number 101 better.

Sawmill - Wodden ceilings - Natural wood floors

In 1919, the Fillafer family started their success story with their own sawmill on a small farm. This was a time characterized by reconstruction and chaos after the Great War. The proximity to the Kobernauser Forest, the largest contiguous forest area in Central Europe, made the region a logical source for wood.

Around 1950, mafi was producing ornate wooden ceilings and distributing them around the region. Our knowledge and expertise in refining and stabilizing the material dates back to this era. Already at this time, the Fillafer family was endeavoring to process the wood naturally.

The company then underwent a smooth transition from ceiling production to the manufacture of wooden flooring. Around 1990, mafi puts its focus entirely on the wood flooring business and brought naturally oiled wood floors to a flooring market where chemical varnishes and stains were the name of the game.