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Carving Grunge I brushed white oiled

Lengths: 1800/2000/2400 mm
Width: 155 mm
Thickness: 16|19 mm
Surface: brushed white oiled


The Carving Grunge I was inspired by the identically named, famous music style from Seattle. A mix of non-thermo treated and thermo treated Oak planks creates a vivid surface image.

Come as you are - the split between this song by Nirvana, the co-founder of the Grunge movement, and our natural wood floors is not that big at all, at least in terms of content. "Come as you are" could also be the motto for the production of mafi natural wood floors. We use the entire tree and from it, create a variety of collections and expression characteristics and in such a way create new products. The exciting thing about this is to give real added value to these natural materials and to shape attractive natural wood floors. With the mafi Carving Grunge I, this endeavour is quite clear. 

Diverse appearance in the parquet

The base material for the wild child of the Carving Collection is the Oak Country - a lively, full of character, natural wood floor. In this floor, non-thermo treated planks are mixed with Vulcano planks. This results in alternate classic Oak planks and the warm brown tones of the Oak Country Vulcano. Depending on the installation, they create diverse parquet flooring which radiates charm from loft rooms down to modern concrete constructions. 

Perceptible design

Contained in the planks themselves, you will find mafi's core values. The notation is wild and falls in different sizes. The finishing of the planks is also done with mafi wood floor oil white. As a result, the floor appears both modern and as per the contemporary design.