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Douglas Fir wide-plank, brushed lye treated white oiled

Lengths: 4000/5000mm
Widths: 240/260/280/300mm
Thickness: 21mm
Surface: brushed lye treated white oiled


The Douglas Fir is a promising alternative to the Larch tree both in terms of robustness, appearance and availability.

The Douglas Fir has belonged to the mafi portfolio since 2014. The floor is offered exclusively as a wide-plank. The lengths range from 4000mm to 5000mm which achieve instant range and generosity in any room. The widths vary from 240, 260, 280 and 300mm, the thickness is limited to 21mm. Such dimensions require corresponding stability. mafi always produces the planks in a symmetrical 3-layer construction. This uses the same type of wood in equal strengths in the production. This results in a balanced counter-move, which greatly reduces movement of the wood.  

Douglas Fir vs. Larch

The technical data of the Douglas Fir is very similar to those of the Larch. So, for example, the hardness of both types of wood according to Brinell is 19 N/mm². In the application as a parquet floor, the robustness is very high for a softwood floor. Therefore, the mafi Douglas Fir wide-plank is ideal for light, medium and heavy ware requirements in commercial projects. 

Lye treatement adds the extra white to the surface

The colour of the Douglas Fir tends to be a slightly reddish colour. The treatment with lye and mafi wood floor oil white gives a modern and bright surface that almost completely compensates for the red tones. The grain is intensified by the lye’s of the planks and the floor gets an intimate appearance. 

Widths up to 300mm

With the mafi Douglas Fir, you can decide on a quickly deliverable softwood that is available in distinctive widths and lengths. Specifically as an alternative to the Larch, we would like to remind you about this variant.