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OAK Country Vulcano Medium brushed natural oiled

Lengths: 1800/2000/2400/4000/5000mm
Widths: 155/185/240/260/280/300mm
Thickness: 16|19mm
Surface: brushed natural oiled


Tough, of strong character and natural - that's the mafi OAK Country Vulcano Medium.

The OAK Country Vulcano medium has only recently joined the mafi portfolio. In colour this is a lighter version of the established OAK Vulcano. In terms of sorting, the overall appearance is lively with knots and occasional cracks - typical of the mafi Country sorting.

Nature meets technology

The floor is a prime example of the symbiosis between nature and technology. With the help of the completely natural Vulcano thermo treatment the Oak is dried and thus gets this beautiful, gentle brown tone. Existing colour variations in the wood are taken up and partially intensified. Thanks to the naturalness of this treatment, each plank remains unique and even in your colour completely natural. The overall appearance is that of a strong character floor with emphasised accents of nature which ground a room not only with colour.

High traffic approved

The floor is extremely durable and approved by mafi for commercial areas. The hard wood of the Oak, as well as the practically orientated finishing with natural oils, forearm the floor for intense demands. That’s why the OAK Country Vulcano Medium was recently installed over a large area in the Heinzl Bakery in Friedburg, Upper Austria. Especially in the coffee area, with high frequency and a variety of tables and chairs, the challenge is great. Regular care with warm water and mafi Wood Floor Soap not only clean the floor, but also prevent damage and future contamination.



Cafe Bakery Heinzl

Salzburger Strasse 8
5211 Friedburg